JDM BRIDE Carbon Set Embroidery Seat Belt Cover Shoulder Pads with Bride Keychain

  • $14.39
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Seat Belt Cover Description:

  • Made of Soft Touch Carbon Fiber Look Material, Add Comfort and Protection to your Journey
  • Embroidered Logo
  • Avoid Discomfort Rubbing and Irritation from the Seat Belt
  • Slips on Easily, Fits all type of Car and Car Seats
  • Brand New and Never Used
  • Easy to Install
  • Color: Black Carbon Fiber Look


Lanyard Keychain Description:

  • Brand New Never Used
  • 21" Length
  • 20mm Width
  • Quick Release Detachable  


What is Included:

  • Embroidery Seat Belt Cover X2 (1 Pair)
  • Lanyard keychain X 1