Mugen Black Leather Shift Knob

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Product Features: 


> This MUGEN Gear Knob ONLY Fits Automatic Transmission WITH Side Release Button

> It is a great automobile accessory, which is made of high quality PU Leather with light weight carbon steel

> Its unique Design Provides an Elegant and Fashionable Driving Environment 

> This gear knob can recover the performing as well as you used to and better for racing

> Easy to install and disassemble. If you can't install, please find a professional installation

> Package with adapters with 4 different sizes ( 0.8 /1.0/ 1.2 /1.4 cm)

   Red Stitching Around the Shift Knob


Installation Instructions: 


> Remove existing shift knob

> Select correct adapter and install over shifter

> Side shift knob on to shaft , make sure release button works

> Tighten down with 3 set screws


Package include: 


> x3 adapters (Length: 3.8 cm ; Inside Diameter: 0.8 /1.0/ 1.2 /1.4 cm ; Outside Diameter: 1.5 cm)

> x3 silver screws (Size: 0.5 cm ; diameter: 0.4 cm)

> x1 wrench (Size: 5.1*1.7 cm; Opposite Sides: 2 mm)