9mm 0.7L CUSCO Aluminum Engine Oil Catch Tank Can Reservoir for Subaru WRX STi

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  • Brand New and Never been Used
  • Color: Silver
  • Made of High Quality Aluminum, Extremely Sturdy and Lightweight.
  • Can be Mounted Both Horizontally and Vertically
  • Exactly Same as Picture
  • Suitable for Turbo, Supercharged and Normally Aspirated Engines
  • Removes Carbon and Sludge Build-Up in the Intake System
  • Prolongs Engine Longevity 
  • Increases Engine Performance
  • Easy to Clean, Empty and Maintain
  • Visual Fluid Level Shows when to Empty the Catch Tank
  • Polished Surface for Glossy Effects
  • Great Dress Up item that will give your Car a Racing Image
  • Capacity: Approximately 0.75 Liter



  • 1 x CUSCO Oil Catch Tank
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket
  • 1 x Hose -9mm Bracket
  • 1 x Bundled Claps & Screws


Note: This 15mm oil catch can is specific to the 06-07 STi. However, being a JDM part made for a JDM model car there are some slight issues. Late 2006 and all 2007 USDM (possibly other market) STi's have an airpump where Cusco says to mount this Catch Can. You will need to either remove the airpump and use block off plates or relocate the Catch Can elsewhere to use it.