2002-2005 HONDA CIVIC SI EP3 Hatchback JDM Honda Red H Rear Emblem

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  • 2002-2005 HONDA CIVIC SI EP3 Hatchback



  • EMBLEM SIZE: 2.5" x 2" (REAR)
  • Easy Install: High Quality Adhesive Sticker and 2 Pins on the back for each emblem.
  • Simple Modification may be necessary for the US Model by Simply Cutting the 2 back pins and glue on if they don't fit in the holes on your trunk.
  • Alternatively some customers drill new holes in the trunk to accommodate the pins.


Package Included:

  • Rear/Trunk Emblem x1 (2.5"x2")


*******Please Measure the original Rear emblem on your Vehicle before purchasing this Item*******